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Thank you. We are currently very pleased with your service. I have recommended your service to others. Turn around time and accuracy is very good. We spoke with quite a few transcription companies during our search, and while there was one or two that quoted cheaper rates, their quality was inferior. Thank you for your dependability, speed and accuracy. Julie

Have just completed printing out the dictations for yesterday, which came in on time and very clean. Thanks so much for the terrific medical transcription service. Have a very Happy New Year's Day, and we look forward to working with all of you in 2004. Dr. Chris says that finding Accu-Swift Medical Transcription Service was the best thing I did in 2003. Best regards, Cindy

Accu-Swift is the perfect name for this excellent transcription service: it is very accurate and comes in within 24 hours without fail. The line counts posted to the account are very helpful in knowing what will be owed @ the end of any month. There is no padding of the line count with double spacing; only a single stroke is charged for a double space, which used to cost an entire line with other transcription services. Last but not least, Accu-Swift transcriptionists are very quick @ learning a particular doctor's preferences. Whenever a change is requested, it is done within 24 hours and never has to be mentioned again.

... the dictation has been coming in for the most part clean. It is always on time and all patients are accounted for. There is no missing dictation, which has been a big problem in the past with other transcription services.

... I have just completed printing out the dictations for 10-31. They all look very clean - some of the best ever! Dr. Chris is very pleased and I hope he has helped in making this a good day for dictation. Thank you very much.

... thanks for the free trial, I received documents sent on monday nov 24. The turn around time is fine. You can send me the info needed for establishing an account ...

Hello! I just downloaded the first set of transcriptions and from the ones I've looked at, they look great! I've started uploading the second half of Day 1, into a folder called “Day1-second half”. The jpg slides are there as well, so if they helped last time, the same should be waiting for you this time. After this batch, I may have one more. I'll know in a bit – hopefully once you're done with this second batch. Thank you very much for the speed and prompt responses! Keep up the good work!

... I'm impressed with your operation so far. Speed and accuracy seem to be excellent. I'm having a little problem getting all the Doctors to switch from our manual system to your online medical transcription service, but they will come on board soon ...

... we depend on your medical transcription services! Your dependable service gives us ample free time and we can concentrate more on other main activities of office ...

... your services have helped us not only reduce transcription cost, but also has reduced tedious work of keeping track of all the patient records. Your online transcription software is simple to use and we can pull out any old chart by just using the search option , but most importantly, we are impressed with your turn around time and accuracy.

... I'm recommending your medical transcription services to two of my fellow doctors, hope you will be able to accommodate them and provide them with the same high quality service that you have been providing me.

when I downloaded your file transfer software Accu-Transfer, I felt that the help files were missing, but when I used the software for the first time, I found it has just two buttons, one to Upload dictation and other to Download transcribed documents - it can't get any simpler than that. As a doctor, I don't like to spend time learning how to use software...

… the online billing statement ensures that we know exactly how much bill we are running on medical transcription and need not worry about line count anymore or being over-charged …

... I was very pleased with the quality, speed of delivery and price . Keep up the good work ...


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