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1. What dictation capturing options does your medical transcription service offer?
You have the option of either dictating directly into our dial-in dictation servers via toll free telephone line or you may use digital handheld recorders.

2. What hours does your toll free dictation system operate?
Our dictation systems are accessible 24x7 and you may dictate from anywhere at anytime using a touch-tone phone as well as cell phone.
3. Which digital handheld recorder do you recommend and how much it costs?
We recommend digital recorders that are very easy to use and are competitively priced from Olympus (model: DS330), Uher (model: DH10), Sony, Voice IT, etc. Their prices range from approximately $120 to $350.

4. How do we transfer the dictation to you?
If you intend to use toll free dial-in systems, your dictations become accessible to our transcriptionists the moment you hang up the line. If you prefer using handheld recorders, we will provide our medical transcription software Accu-Swift Auto File Transfer (ACCU-TRANSFER), which automatically uploads the dictation from your local computer to our secure FTP servers. Please click here to know more about Accu-Swift Auto File Transfer (ACCU-TRANSFER) software.

5. What security measures you have in place while dictations are moved from computers to servers and vice versa while using Internet?
When the dictations are sent from your computers to our servers or when the dictations are pulled down by our system administrators in India from our US dial-in servers and FTP servers, our medical transcription softwares 128 SSL encryption of data and/or 256-bit AES encryption of data.

6. Do you have any redundancies for your dictation servers and FTP servers?
Our servers are built with fault tolerance – mirrored drives. A redundant system is ready in case of failure. A backup system is also ready offsite in case primary system fails.
7. Do you provide training to our staff and providers to get going with the setup?
Yes, we provide thorough training to all those involved in using our software and medical transcription services. Basically our softwares are very user friendly and one hour is all what it takes for even a person with little or no knowledge in the use of computers.
8. How do we access the completed charts?
You have two options. One, our Accu-Swift Auto File Transfer (ACCU-TRANSFER) medical transcription software keeps checking for new charts available and downloads in compressed and batch mode. Secondly, you will be provided with access to ACCU-CHART, our online medical transcription web-based patient chart management system. It is a very comprehensive suit of application and functions. Please click here to know more about ACCU-CHART.

9. Do you provide online support to your medical transcription services?
Yes, we have online Live Chat on our website to help you then and there while you are using ACCU-CHART. We also provide toll free 1-877 support to our clients.

10. What equipment do we need at our end?
You will need a computer with Windows 98 or higher operating system with Internet Explorer 5.5 version and above. You will need broad band Internet connection for faster uploading of dictations when using handheld recorders.

11. Are your medical transcription services HIPAA compliant?
Yes, we have implemented technical and administrative measures to safeguard the confidentiality and personal health information of the patients. Please click here to know more about our implementation of HIPAA compliance measures.

12. What will be the turn-around time of medical transcriptions?
General transcription of charts will be available for your review/printing before 9 AM the following day, which is less than 24 hours turn-around time.

13. Do you take up STAT work?
Yes, we do take up STAT work at a slightly premium price.
14. How are your fees based on?
Our fees are normally based on per line, but we also offer quote per page, per minute of dictation, etc., depending on client requirements.

15. Can we know how much bill we are running?
Yes, just login into ACCU-CHART and go to current billing statement and you will see a summary of billing statement for the current month. Here, you may also check for individual doctor or entire group billing statement for any past months or between any time period.

16. Does your transcription staff sign non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements?
Yes, all our transcriptionists as well as supporting staff need to sign non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements before they take employment with us and it will be in effect two years post their disassociation from our company.

17. What medical transcription quality measures you have in place?
We have two levels of word-by-word quality check by senior editors and proofers after the dictations are transcribed by our transcriptionists. They are checked for errors, omissions, formatting, etc., before they are uploaded into ACCU-CHART.

18. Do you sub-contract our transcription work?
No, all your transcription is handled in-house at our office and hence we have better security measures and better control over patient information.

19. How long do you keep our dictation and charts?
We normally delete permanently the voice files every eight weeks and the charts every six months. But, it is entirely up to the clients to decide how long we should be archiving their dictations and charts.

20. How soon can you accomodate us?
We can accomodate up to 10 doctors right away and handle additional doctors within a very short lead time.


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