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Accu-Swift Auto File Transfer is a desktop utility from Accu-Swift that augments its online medical transcription services. This solution is ideal for clients who wish to have their dictations uploaded automatically from the hand held digital recorders to the transcription company and medical transcriptions downloaded automatically to their local computers. Accu-Swift Auto File Transfer is HIPAA compliant and by far the fastest and the most secured file transfer software available to the health care professionals. Accu-Swift Auto File Transfer is a very user-friendly and easy to use software. Accu-Swift Auto File Transfer takes care of uploading the voice files from users PC to Accu-Swift’s 128 bit SSL secured server and downloading the finished medical transcriptions to the users PC automatically. Accu-Swift Auto File Transfer supports 256-bit military grade AES encryption for secured file transfer. The voice files are zipped for faster data transfer and then encrypted before uploading to our secured server, while the finished medical transcriptions are zipped and encrypted before being transferred to the clients PC. Therefore, at no time is the data left unsecured while using the Internet. The software also takes care of unzipping and decrypting the downloaded medical transcriptions automatically. A time saving feature is that of automatically printing all downloaded charts.
Salient Features :
User-friendly and easy-to-use desktop utility that can be run on any pc with an Internet connection.
Supports 256-bit military grade AES encryption.
Highly secure for confidential use.
Usage limited to authenticated users.
Faster and reliable than any other method of uploading files
Zips files before upload to ensure minimum upload time and maximum reliability.
Logs upload and download file details for reconciliation of dictations sent and medical transcriptions received.
Downloads transcribed medical transcriptions automatically
Prints downloaded medical transcriptions automatically.
Installation : Clicking the setup file installs the software, creating a desktop icon.
Configuration : The software configuration involves setting the Upload folder, Download folder and Sent files folder. When the software is run for the first time, user is asked to select the three folders. The folder location can also be changed later at any time, as per user’s preference.
User Authentication : Accu-Swift Auto File Transfer authenticates the user before it can be used. A unique username and password are assigned to each user.
Uploading Dictations : Once the dictation voice file are ready in the preset Upload folder of the users, just clicking the upload button will encrypt, zip, and transfer the files from the users computer to our secured server. The transferred dictation voice files will then be moved to the preset Sent folder in date-wise subfolders. A log for uploaded files is maintained for later reconciliation.
Downloading the charts : Accu-Swift Auto File Transfer searches our secure web server for the latest medical transcriptions available for download and these are downloaded to the users computer automatically, decrypted, unzipped, and saved in the preset download folder C:/Dictations/Received with date-wise subfolders. If the option to Print files upon downloading is set, the files also get printed automatically. The user has the option of downloading any past medical transcriptions by selecting Date of Dictation and then clicking Download button. A log of downloaded files is also maintained for reconciliation.
System Requirements :
Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP.
Pentium II or better CPU
32 MB of available RAM
3 MB of available disk space
A steady Internet connection
Screen Shots : Click here to view screen shots
Flash Demo : Click here to view flash demo / presentation

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