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Why choose Accu-Swift Medical Transcriptions Services?

::: ACCU-SWIFT's main objectives are to reduce overall medical transcription costs, to reduce transcriptions notes turn-around time, to provide better client service, to provide secure and most confidential medical transcription services and to provide accurate medical transcriptions to its clients.
Time saving factor -
Turn-around time of transcribing notes is less than 12 hours in some cases.
Time spent pulling and filing charts.
Time spent looking for misplaced.
Time to reconstruct lost charts.
Time spent renewing prescriptions.

Application towards Medical Transcription services -
ACCU-SWIFT specializes in the field of medical transcription and doesn’t involve itself into other fields such as medical billing, insurance etc. Our concentrated focus and devotion is towards developing and providing quality medical transcription services and solutions to its clients.
To provide consistent medical transcription services and increase efficiency.
To reduce the total cost of medical transcription services.

Customer Service -
ACCU-SWIFT’s Customer Service team is in constant touch with its clients. A human being always answers all the telephone calls. All communication from clients, mails and faxes are answered promptly by top officials in Accu-Swift. With emphasis on unexcelled customer support, Accu-Swifts simple philosophy of delivering quality medical transcription services and providing incomparable technical support has generated a loyal client base. ACCU-SWIFT provides 24x7 Live Chat to all the clients and users visiting our site.
To partner with clients.
To improve productivity.

Software Development -
In its core ACCU-SWIFT has its own in-house highly professional software development team, which develops and delivers top quality customized software to its clients as per their needs. These software have the ability to integrate into existing medical billing, insurance etc solutions already used by its clients and significantly enhance performance through the intelligent use of technology. Accu-Swift constantly upgrades its systems with progression in technology.
To consult and analyze the customer's system and defining its requirements
To implementation software solutions that meet customer needs


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