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::: ACCU-SWIFT Medical Transcription Services utilizes state-of-the-art infrastructure, dictation technology, well-qualified and experienced transcriptionists, and software technologies to provide end-to-end solution for medical transcription and healthcare information management.
::: ACCU-SWIFT has developed web-enabled transcription technology that provides voice recording, electronic document creation, and ACCU-CHART patient chart management system.
::: ACCU-SWIFT’s main forte is its handling of all the patient related information, while using Internet, in a very secure environment with 128/256-bit encryption and third party certification (similar to Verisign).
::: ACCU-SWIFT technology solution includes real-time tracking of all transcription jobs from dictation to digital transcript, the ability to prioritize job turnaround time, editing/printing of reports, and the management of the transcripts. The technology facilitates secure exchange of computer files, secure online storage, and secure file sharing.
ACCU-SWIFT offers two methods through which the dictation will be recorded and managed.
Voice Recording
Toll Free Telephone Dictation Systems
The doctors will be provided with unique four digit ID and access to state-of-the-art digital dictation systems via toll free telephone line to dial into and record their dictation. The dictation instructions are very simple and user friendly. The dictation lines are available 24X7 and you may dictate from anywhere, at anytime. Dictation servers are built with fault tolerance - mirrored drives. A redundant system is ready in case of failure. A backup system is also ready offsite in case of primary system failure .
Click here to view dictation setup instructions.
Digital Recorders
Doctors who wish to use mobile digital hand held recorders (Olympus, Dictaphone, Uher, Sony, Voice-IT, etc), ACCU-SWIFT provides them with a proprietary software, which will perform the function of uploading the dictation from doctor's office/home computer to ACCU-SWIFT's secure FTP servers. This software also does the functions of managing the dictation files, generating log sheets of day-wise list of dictation uploaded for auditing purpose, archiving the uploaded dictation for future reference, connecting to online ACCU-CHART to download completed dictation automatically, organizing the dictation in date-wise folders, and providing the opportunity to download old medical transcriptions from ACCU-CHART.
Please click here to know more about this Accu-Swift Auto File Transfer software.
The dictations received on ACCU-SWIFT secure servers are encrypted and downloaded to ACCU-SWIFT servers in India. The dictations are then decrypted and distributed to transcriptionists. The positives and strengths of each transcriptionist are considered while deciding which specialty/doctor dictation goes to which transcriptionist.
After the transcriptionists complete the medical transcriptions, they are then picked up by first level editors, who are more experienced and more proficient, and they perform word-by-word checking to eliminate errors and omissions.
After the first level of editors complete editing, the medical transcriptions are picked up by proofers/account managers and their job is to make the medical transcriptions client acceptable in terms of quality and specifications. ACCU-SWIFT has employed methodologies that ensure the clients get +98.6% accurate medical transcriptions consistently, each day and everyday.
ACCU-SWIFT employs feedback received from the doctors’ offices, when they edit the medical transcriptions for patient names or content in ACCU-CHART, the web-based patient chart management system, for cross sectional review and training.
For general dictation, the turn-around time (TAT) is less than 24 hours. Normally, all the medical transcriptions dictated by the doctors, the previous day, are available for printing by 9 AM the following day. This could mean sometimes less than 9 hours turn-around time (TAT). ACCU-SWIFT is well geared up to deliver STAT dictation jobs also.


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