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Commitment to HIPAA at ACCU-SWIFT

::: At ACCU-SWIFT we have 24X7 security personnel manning our office.
::: We process the entire transcription work in our office and we don’t have any sub-contractors and hence the patient information doesn’t leave our office.
::: All the external drives including floppy disk drives are disabled on each computer.
::: Our computers require passwords to start Windows and another password to access Word files.
::: We have firewalls and antivirus software on all the computers and update virus definitions frequently.
::: Any spoiled hard copies of notes and copies of patient schedules are cross-cut shredded on site.
::: Monthly back-ups of computer systems will be done and stored in a locked outbuilding on our property.
::: We have a smoke alarm and a fire extinguisher in our office.
::: We currently require all our employees to sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.
::: We maintain up-to-date contractual agreements with all business parties.
::: We have instituted security measures to protect the security and integrity of protected information according to HIPAA guidelines.
::: All client related information when using the Internet is handled in secure 128-bit SSL encryption.
::: All the chart delivery and management system is through secure 128-bit SSL encryption and with third party certification (similar to Verisign).
::: ACCU-SWIFT has administrative procedures in place to guard data integrity, patient confidentiality, and document availability. (Information Access Control and Access Authorization).
::: To prevent unauthorized use, security devices are employed to prevent theft and/or vandalism of any information stored on our systems.
::: Technical evaluations are performed on a routine basis to make sure all systems meet or exceed specified security requirements.
::: All persons, administrators and transcriptionists, who have access to any sensitive information, patient records, or voice files, etc., have the appropriate clearances and have signed confidentiality agreements
::: We have provided privacy, security, and confidentiality awareness training to our entire workforce. Our compliance decisions are based on sound business practices and meet and exceed HIPAA.


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