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You are most likely visiting this page because you found a reference to this page on your web servers log file. Accu-Bot is ACCU-SWIFT Medical Transcription services proprietary software that crawls the web to verify reciprocal links to its site www.ACCU-SWIFT.com. Maintaining a Reciprocal Links Directory can be very difficult, especially the job of verifying the existence of links on partners website can be very slow and gruesome process. Therefore ACCU-SWIFT has developed this bot that automatically verifies reciprocal links to its site and thus maintain a fair reciprocal links program.
Accu-Bot visits only those pages that have verified reciprocal link with ACCU-SWIFT.
Does not target any site specifically.
Accu-Bot is not a real spider or robot that crawls the entire web collecting information.
Accu-Bot does not collect any data, email addresses or store / collect any information from any web-site it visits, its just sole purpose is to verify the existence of reciprocal link.
Accu-Bot crawls any site for only two times a month, i.e once every 15 days.
Accu-Bot dose not visit any site that doesn't have a verified reciprocal link with ACCU-SWIFT
Accu-Bot always crawls the net from one particular static IP address.

If you have additional questions with respect to the Accu-Bot web crawler, you can send an email to webmaster@accu-swift.com.
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